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Square Edge Treads

Square Edge Hardwood Stair Treads

We stock and custom manufacture a wide selection of square edge miter return stair treads in many hardwood types. Our standard hardwood stair treads are 1-1/16 in. ( thick ) x 10-1/2 in. ( wide ), and come in lengths of: 36 in., 42 in., 48 in., 54 in., 60 in., and 72 inches.

Note: we can make oversized stair treads to meet your specific job site needs. So, if you need hardwood stair treads that are wider and/or longer than the above mentioned sizes, simply email us your request!

>>> For information on single miter return hardwood stair treads: click here to go to our detailed web page.

>>> For information on double miter return hardwood stair treads: click here to go to our detailed web page.

See All Our Square Edge Stair Treads Selections Below:

Square Edge Hardwood Stair Treads - 1-1/6 in. ( Thick ) x 10-1/2 in. ( Wide )
Product TypeProduct Number SizePrice
Oaktrd-136 in.$36.00
Oaktrd-242 in.$40.00
Oaktrd-348 in.$45.00
Oaktrd-454 in.$55.00
Oaktrd-560 in.$60.00
Oaktrd-672 in.$72.00
Birchtrd-1036 in.$37.00
Birchtrd-1142 in.$41.00
Birchtrd-1248 in.$46.00
Birchtrd-1354 in.$56.00
Birchtrd-1460 in.$61.00
Birchtrd-1572 in.$74.00
Mapletrd-2036 in.$52.00
Mapletrd-2142 in.$59.00
Mapletrd-2248 in.$66.00
Mapletrd-2354 in.$79.00
Mapletrd-2460 in.$88.00
Mapletrd-2572 in.$105.00
Jatobatrd-3036 in.$65.00
Jatobatrd-3142 in.$75.00
Jatobatrd-3248 in.$85.00
Jatobatrd-3354 in.$100.00
Jatobatrd-3460 in.$120.00
Jatobatrd-3572 in.$140.00
American Cherrytrd-4036 in.$60.00
American Cherrytrd-4142 in.$68.00
American Cherrytrd-4248 in.$78.00
American Cherrytrd-4354 in.$92.00
American Cherrytrd-4460 in.$110.00
American Cherrytrd-4572 in.$125.00

Stair Tread Loose Miter Returns ( Size: 1-3/8 x 12 in. )
Product TypeProduct Number SizePrice
Oaktrd-mro1-3/8 x 12 in.$5.00
Birchtrd-mrb1-3/8 x 12 in.$5.00
Mapletrd-mrm1-3/8 x 12 in.$6.00
Jatobatrd-mrj1-3/8 x 12 in.$8.00
American Cherrytrd-mrc1-3/8 x 12 in.$7.00

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