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Pre-finished Stair Parts – Spray Booth Finish

Scotia Stairs Ltd. applies their own custom Finish

With our own in house Spray Finishing Shop ( Scotia Finishing Limited ) we were able to dedicate  1,000 sq.ft. to a state-of-the-art spray booth shop. This sets us apart from our competitors and rounds out our production capabilities. This custom built spray shop gives us the ability to turn out high end, furniture grade, pre-finished stair parts. We offer clear coat finish and custom stain colours.

Now that’s service!

Scotia Stairs Ltd. can custom stain your stair parts’ to match your hardwood or laminate flooring sample, or we can apply 1 of 25 MinWax© stain colors… we make every attempt to cover all the bases when it comes to pre-finished stair parts.

We use industrial spray guns and a fully enclosed booth system, to achieve high quality and durability on all pre-finished hardwood stairs & railings. As a result, our spray system gives your pieces a factory-like finish. This allows you to show off your wood’s true beauty and highlights, for many, many years. We have been told by several customers that our finished product is above furniture grade in both quality and standards. So we are very proud of the spray finished stair parts we produce and our spray shop team.


Yes, we do custom stain finishing to match your hardwood flooring or your kitchen cabinets. We also stain to the Minwax® color pallet. This offers customers 25 wood tone colour choices: ( view the Minwax® color pallet here ). Our experience has been, that MinWax© stain colors are always 1-2 shades lighter then what the can indicates. This is the norm with all MinWax© stains. For example, Ebony MinWax© is not a black stain, it is a mid brown and the type of wood selected will effect the end result. We suggest Consumers do there own testing up front with small stain samples. Sadly, we cannot offer MinWax© samples for approval, because of logistical reasons.

White Kem Aqua® Plus

Water-reducible pigmented white finish

Kem Aqua Plus is a high-quality water-reducible pigmented white for finishing furniture, cabinets, and a wide variety of wood and novelty items. This high quality topcoat provides excellent appearance and performance over Sher-Wood Kem Aqua Plus Surfacer.

White Coat Web Link:

DuraSeal® Premium Polyurethane+

DuraSeal® Premium Polyurethane+ provides a tough, durable, clear protective finish with remarkable resistance to chipping, peeling, soaps, detergents, water, pets, fruit acids, ink, alcohol, etc.

Amarium Pre-Catalyzer Lacquers

A high performance, post-catalyzed lacquer formulated for use on kitchen cabinets, furniture, or anywhere a tough, durable coating is needed.
Amarium Ultra™ Conversion Lacquer is a cutting edge, high performance coating, built on a unique resin backbone that offers performance of a traditional post-catalyzed product, without the challenges of catalyzing in a shop environment.


We use Dulux Diamond Interior Acrylic Paint for our white finish coatings. It is a revolutionary paint, with a unique formula of ceramic microspheres and advanced stain resistant technologies that surpasses the performance of traditional interior acrylic paints. Its unique blend of rheology modifiers improves flow and levelling. Along with increased durability, stain resistance and quick-drying characteristics, the result is a superb application. Ideal For High traffic areas and where there is a need for a washable finish. Suited for home, office, commercial or industrial environments. ( view Dulux-Diamond© product brochure here ).

* Note: Add $25.00 + tax for a oversize package fee each 20 ft. long crate ( max 16 pcs per each crate )

Red Oak Tread -vs- Yellow Birch Tread

The below photo is an image from our showroom of 2 stair treads we custom stain finished. The picture shows ( you the consumer ) the overall face look of a red oak stair tread -vs- a yellow birch stair tread when finished in the same light grey custom stain color.stain matched stair treads (Scotia Stairs)


That many stair parts suppliers charge more for Polyurethane spray finish top coat, as it’s a higher end / more expensive product when compared to Lacquer finishes. Polyurethane is also the #1 selling top coat finish in the wood industry and at building supply stores Canada wide. Our top coat finish “DURASEAL® POLYURETHANE 350 VOC” is a commercial grade version of MinWax® Polyurethane. The benefit to the consumer is 2 fold, not only is it very high quailty, it will be easy for future onsite touch ups and/or re-coating; as you can get a can of MinWax® Polyurethane right off the shelve from your local hardware store: ( View Minwax® Fast-Drying Polyurethane ).


MinWax® has a great online resource guide to clear coat finishing, right from the editors of “This Old House Magazine” click here to view: Minwax® Online Guide To Clear Coat Finishing. Note: we recommend the Minwax® Fast-Drying Polyurethane indicated above – its web page has full “Product Details”, “FAQ” & “Usage Directions” listed in a very easy reading format.

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