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9/16″ x 44″ – Hammered or Smooth Spoon Metal Balusters

9/16″ x 44″ – Hammered or Smooth Spoon Metal Balusters

Spoon Metal Balusters

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9/16″ x 44″ – Hammered Spoon Metal Balusters Profile

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The hammered spoon metal balusters collection provides the look that only skilled artisans can achieve. These distinctive metal balusters offer a pattern that is perfectly proportioned. It’s globes and tasteful spoon designs are surrounded with the handcrafted appeal of hammered detailing on the square 9/16 in. oversized shaft. This very bold metal baluster is well used with a turned post, craftsman square newel or a box newel… to create a bold look of distinction ( note: the Spoon Collection is a 9/16 in. thick metal baluster, thus it has a more ‘beefy presence’ so to speak ).

Satin Black Metal Baluster

Oil Rubbed Copper Metal Baluster


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We Have 9 New Designer Colors and Stainless Steel – In Both Square & Round Shaft


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