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1/2″ x 44″ – Plain Square Metal Balusters


1/2″ x 44″ – Plain Square Metal Balusters

Plain & Twist Metal Balusters


1/2″ x 44″ – Plain Metal Baluster Profile

Timeless Beauty

The square metal balusters collection is throw back to the days of the wrought iron craze. This is your metal baluster, if you seek the simple – non-busy look for your rail system. With never ending appeal and a popularity that never seems to fade, the plain & twist metal balusters collection is still very sought after today. This metal baluster is well used with a turned post, craftsman square newel or a box newel… to create that simply look of elegance and to break up the rail line.

Satin Black Metal Baluster

Oil Rubbed Copper Metal Baluster


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We Have 9 New Designer Colors and Stainless Steel – In Both Square & Round Shaft


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