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Solid Wood Stair Treads - Square Edge, Miter End, False And Custom Treads

Solid Wood Stair Treads – Square Edge, Miter End, False and Custom Treads, Winders, Pie, Volute, Oversized, and more:

1-1/16″ Standard Stair Treads Sizing:

  • Total Width = 10-1/2″
  • Total Length = 36″ – 72″
  • Bull Nose = Standard Rounded

Our Stair Tread Spec’s:

Our treads are made with 3-8 pieces of solid hardwood lumber, edges glued together. A result of this method, you can get stairs with a color matched face, or a more color rich face. The amount of color variation is based on the grade you prefer. Both our select & better and our mill run grade stair treads are made of 100% solid hardwood lumber. We manufacture to exceed industry strength standards, and do not use veneer top nor press wood core.

Custom Sizing & Wood Species Note

At Scotia Stairs Limited, we supply and manufacture custom wood stairs to fit your needs. We fabricate to almost any size you may need ( so, if you find that your need a 11-1/2″ or 16″ width or you need treads 96″ long, this is no problem for us ).

Looking for exotic hardwoods?

Our stock includes, but is not limited to: american cherry, hickory, jatoba, mahogany, walnut, white ash and white oak. Let us know what you are looking for… and we can quote your custom stair treads.

Busting The Stair Tread Myth:

Many consumers are under false assumptions that a stair tread made from 3-8 pieces of hardwood lumber is not as good as a stair tread made of one solid piece of lumber. This is very, very far from the truth. A stair tread made from only 1-2 pcs. of hardwood lumber has very little strength and/or structural integrity against cupping or warping and therefore fails to meet industry standards. Thus, we will not stock one piece stair treads and we do not manufacture them!

We Offer Both Unfinished & Pre-finished Stair Treads:

When you require, we will pre-finish your hardwood Standard stair treads and risers in our professional spray booth finish shop. As a result, your treads are ready to install the day you receive them. From a natural clear coat, to a custom stain match to your flooring, or 1 of 25 MinWax© colors, when it comes to prefinished stair treads we cover all the bases. Visit our spray booth finish page here for details.

Understanding Your Needs
The grade of stair treads you select should be based on what matches your flooring best and what you want to achieve in your desired end look ( natural grade is the #1 seller )

Select & Better Natural Grade Stair Treads

Gives a bit more color variation and face character in the treads overall appearance ( this tread is 90% of what matches most peoples hardwood flooring and the natural wood look is what most people desire ).

Select & Better Clear Grade Stair Treads

Gives very little color variation and has a very uniform appearance, with very little color change in the face of the tread ( this tread is quite plain looking and thus does not match the character in most peoples hardwood flooring ).

“Please Note”:
Clear grade stair treads are sold at a up-charge cost of $5.00 more per tread than natural grade stair treads.

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