A Step In The Right Direction

Custom Color Match Taken To The Next Level

The Proof is in the Pictures

birch hardwood stairs and railings along with glass panelClients ask us, “how well can you match colors through your custom stain match program?

We thought the best way to answer the question is by showing everyone a recent example. The image on the right is from a project we did just a few days ago.

The products include:

  • Birch hardwood stairs and handrails (railings)
  • 4-1/2″ Plain box newel post with a 6″ base
  • Modern Square Handrail
  • Glass Panels

Through our color match program, we are able to take a sample from our clients, in this case, a sample from their existing flooring, and match the color for their new stair treads, handrail and newel posts.

However, as a further showcase for their home, and of our products and abilities, we also installed a glass panel railing in their hallway.

glass panel and box newel post and modern square handrailThe image on the left, is a great example of how a safety railing can bring a spacious feel to a closed in hallway. Using the same products as used for the staircase, we bring a modern style to this home, while making the railing and newel posts match the existing flooring. Now this home looks like everything was done at once, rather than completing portions as required.

A great job by the Scotia Stairs Limited installers, and our prefinish product team.


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